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Community Living Manitoba categorizes our work under three pillars; family engagement, inclusive education and inclusive employment.

If you have a questions or concerns in any of the following areas please contact Community Living Manitoba at 204-786 -1607 or

Family Engagement

Strong, informed and connected families give rise to healthy, happy and resilient children who grow into competent, confident adults. We provide families with information, connect them to each other through or provincial network of 11 Local Branches and support them to become stronger advocates for their children. Without the voice of people with intellectual disabilities and the families that support them we cannot create change that directly affects them and their communities.

Inclusive Education

We support a holistic approach to the education system that promotes the inherent social value and role of all children, youth and adults with disabilities in our society. We work with parents and community and government partners to create inclusive school practices, share knowledge and our vision of inclusive classrooms.

Our work in this area includes resource development, training and networking that benefits individuals with disabilities, families, educators, and other education system stakeholders. We begin with childcare and continue with the transition process from school to the community after graduation.

Inclusive Employment

We strive for a time when working-age adults with intellectual disabilities will be employed at the same rate as the general population.

Benchmarks for Achievement

  • Employment rates for people with intellectual disabilities are equal to that of the national average.
  • People with intellectual disabilities do not face financial or other disincentives to seek and maintain employment.
  • Employers are taking leadership in advancing the employment of people with intellectual disabilities.
  • People with intellectual disabilities and employers have the supports needed to establish and maintain inclusive workplaces.
  • People with intellectual disabilities are equally represented in both unionized workplaces and non-unionized workplaces.