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The following is a list of media resources that touch on the topics of inclusion, deinstitutionalization, and advocacy. These videos were created by Community Living Manitoba and other various community organizations and allies to inclusion.   

Health Report

This participatory community-based research study reveals that current healthcare systems across Canada largely fail to adequately meet the unique needs of persons with intellectual disabilities and/or persons with autism. In exploring current practices and understandings of healthcare systems related to how they provide—or do not provide—services for individuals with intellectual disabilities and/or persons with autism, as well as the ways by which family members and advocates intervene when healthcare services fail to meet standards of practice, interviews with 21 stakeholders across Canada were conducted. The findings of this qualitative methods study revealed numerous systemic barriers and attitudinal barriers that negatively impact the healthcare of persons with intellectual disabilities and/or persons with autism. 

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Health Report


Advocacy - A Pathway To Change

Building on Abilities (BOA) Discussion Series

Family Advocacy Network of Manitoba (FAN)

The Family Advocacy Group is a new community-building and social awareness group connecting families of special needs children across Manitoba. No matter the challenge, FAN is committed to crusading for better government assistance for people of all abilities as well as bringing families together for emotional support.

The Freedom Tour (2008)

A powerful documentary that has been raising awareness about institutions both nationally and internationally.

De-institutionalization-The Right to Live in the Community

Invisible Institutions Podcast Series

Invisible Institutions is a documentary podcast exploring the past and present of institutions for people labelled with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Canada.

Invisible Institutions Podcast Series


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