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Under our resources section, check out our new "A Personal Guide to the Vulnerable Persons Act" and our 2012-2013 Annual Report.

Check out the stories re Manitoba Access Awareness Week Recipients.
Riverside Grill in Selkirk
RETSD Student Services


Community Living Manitoba is dedicated to the full inclusion of persons of all ages who live with an intellectual disability (defined as a life-long condition, which interferes with one's ability to learn at the same pace or to the same extent as others). We are a strong provincial network working together with partners, families and governments. We seek creative and inspired approaches to support the empowerment of people with intellectual disabilities in all aspects of their lives.


Our vision is a province where people with intellectual disabilities and their families see open doors and many possibilities for learning, working and contributing to their communities. We see the benefits when circles of support surround people with intellectual disabilities in communities that value diversity. 


Our mission is to promote and support the inclusion, self-determination and empowerment of people with intellectual disabilities in Manitoba’s communities by:

1. Engaging in an on-going dialogue with government, communities and families in order to influence public policy;

2. Creating, disseminating and making accessible community resources for people with intellectual  disabilities and their families;

3. Actively working with communities in Manitoba to build their capacity to create inclusive environments  for people with intellectual disabilities;

4. Liaising with the Canadian Association of Community Living and its network to engage in national and international discussions on issues facing people with intellectual disabilities.  


Inclusion: We believe that individuals, families and communities benefit from the full citizenship of all people in all aspects of society.

Respect: We listen to and honour individual choices made by people with intellectual disabilities and work with them to promote their individual rights and dignity.

Integrity: We build relationships based on honesty and trust. We hold ourselves accountable to the people we serve, our funders, donors and the public at large.

Wisdom: We seek knowledge and feedback, learn from our experiences,  and always strive to make wise decisions through collaboration.